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Welcome to the new GreenRide!

Why use GreenRide? For years, the City of Dallas has been addressing our region's air quality concerns through voluntary initiatives. GreenRide is a way to show you how you and your coworkers are contributing to our air quality.

Ozone Season begins APRIL 1ST!!  You can see how your alternative commutes, biking, walking, using mass transit, and carpooling help air quality. If you drive a hybrid or electric vehicle, or if you ride a motorcycle or scooter, you can specify that on your Commute Calendar and see how much pollution you are reducing.

This new version of GreenRide also allows you to find biking partners. (This feature only works if other users indicate that they are biking and indicate that they are looking for a biking partner, so be sure to update your profile)

All of these efforts show the EPA that Dallas is serious about being a part of the solution to improve our region's air quality.

View the City's Ozone Action Plan


About GreenRide

GreenRide is both a web-based commuter matching system that assists City of Dallas employees with planning carpools and carpool routes with other City of Dallas employees, and an emissions reduction calculating program. 

If you do not find a carpool match, you can always visit, a regional matching program.

For questions or assistance, contact:
Kevin Overton, 214-948-4674

If you have an account and cannot log in,
Click the "Need Password?" link or contact your department's GreenRide Coordinator.


What's it worth?

How much do you spend every year driving alone to work? Enter your own numbers and see what your true cost is.

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Ready. Set. Go.

Join City of Dallas GreenRide Connect and we'll provide you with the keys you need to start. Registration is free and only takes a few minutes!

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Zip Code Matching

Curious about City of Dallas GreenRide Connect? See how many users live and work in your area simply by entering your start and end zip codes.